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[audio]Understanding and Expanding the Phenotype in Norrie Disease - Dr. Heidi Rehm
Dr. Heidi Rehm discusses the effects of Norrie Disease on the eyes, ears, brain, and vascular system. (Norrie Disease Association first international conference, 2009)
Keywords: Norrie Disease; gene expression
Downloads: 161
[audio]Genetics 11/24
Genetics lecture on November 24, 2008 at North Park University with Dr. Schau.
Keywords: genetics; gene expression; regulation
Downloads: 29
[audio]Genetics 11/19
Genetics lecture on November 19, 2008 at North Park University with Dr. Schau. Gene Expression in Eukaryotes.
Keywords: eukaryotes; gene expression
Downloads: 48
[texts]Regulation of expression of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase in an inducible murine pre-B cell line - Horwitz, Randy Jonathan
Keywords: Nucleotidyltransferases; Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Downloads: 57
[texts]Premium Insight of Gene Expression Analysis Market & Global Forecast to 2018
Analysis and discussion about gene expression analysis market, its forecasts and more is now available in the global research report “Gene Expression Analysis Market - by Technology (DNA Microarray, Real-Time PCR, Next Generation Sequencing), Consumables (DNA Chips, Reagents), Services (Gene Profiling, Bioinformatics, Data Analysis Software) & Applications] - Global Forecast To 2018”. This report is of 227 pages and can be ordered at
Keywords: Gene Expression Analysis Market; Gene Expression Analysis Market Forecast; Global Gene Expression Analysis Market; Gene Expression Analysis Market Trends; Gene Expression Analysis Market Study
Downloads: 12
[texts]Vascular Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Gene Expression in Human Aortic Valve Calcification
The intimate mechanisms involved in aortic valve calcification (AVC) are not completely known. It is more evident to suggest that cardiovascular calcification is an inflammatory condition. Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), a pro-inflammatory cytokine, is increased in valvular lesions besides areas of leukocyte infiltration. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that valvular calcification is part of a generalized inflammatory process involving the vascular wall...
Keywords: Aortic Valve; Calcification; Inflammation; Gene Expression
Downloads: 22
[texts]Regulation of gene expression by adeno-associated virus - Labow, Mark Aron
Keywords: Dependovirus; Gene Expression Regulation; Transcription, Genetic
Downloads: 105
[texts]Dissection, localization and interaction of the VP1, ABA, light and negative regulatory cis-elements in the C1 gene of maize - Kao, Chien-Yuan
Keywords: Corn--Genetics; Corn--Seeds; Gene expression
Downloads: 3
[texts]Molecular and physiological analyses of soluble acid invertases in maize - Wu, Yong
Keywords: Corn--Analysis; Invertase--Analysis; Gene expression
Downloads: 7
[texts]Purification and partial kinetic and physical characterization of two NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenase isoenzymes and their protein precursors, and measurement of the patterns of accumulation and rates of degradation of their nonidentical subunits in synchronized cells of Chlorella cultured in different concentrations of ammonia - Bascomb, Newell F.
Keywords: Chlorella; Gene expression; Genetic regulation; Glutamine synthetase
Downloads: 105
[texts]Role of subcellular compartments and structures in eukaryotic gene expression - Zambetti, Gerard Paul
Keywords: RNA, Messenger; Transcription, Genetic; Gene Expression Regulation
Downloads: 100
[texts]Characterization of the vaccinia virus J3 protein as a positive transcription elongation factor - Latner, Donald Ray
Keywords: Vaccinia virus; Viral Proteins; Transcription Factors; Transcription, Genetic; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation
Downloads: 102
[texts]Human histone genes : organization and in vitro transcription - Sierra Tirado, Luis Felipe
Keywords: Cloning, Molecular; Gene Expression Regulation; Histones; Transcription, Genetic
Downloads: 37
[texts]Genomic cloning and tissue-specific expression of lipocortin I - Horlick, Kenneth Robert
Keywords: Research; Adrenal Cortex Hormones; Gene Expression; Cloning, Molecular; Annexin I
Downloads: 111
[texts]Roles of metallothionein expression and dietary zinc in zinc metabolism and cytoprotection in metallothionein transgenic and metallothionein knockout mice - Davis, Steven Roger
Keywords: Metallothionein--Physiological effect; Gene expression; Zinc--Metabolism; Mice--Physiology
Downloads: 241
[texts]Gene regulation in teleosts by estradiol and estrogen mimics - Bowman, Christopher James.
Keywords: Research; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Estradiol; Estradiol Congeners; Molecular Mimicry; Bass; Cyprinidae; Protein Disulfide-Isomerase; Transferrin; Vitellogenin
Downloads: 69
[texts]Mechanisms for genetically predetermined differential quantitative expression of HLA-A and -B antigens - Liu, Kui
Keywords: Research; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Organ Specificity; HLA-A Antigens; HLA-B Antigens; Genes, MHC Class I; Molecular Sequence Data; Base Sequence
Downloads: 69
[texts]Characterization of rat copper/zinc superoxide dismutase gene and chromatin structure analysis of rat manganese superoxide dismutase gene - Hsu, Jan-ling
Keywords: Research; Superoxide Dismutase--genetics; Chromatin; Genes, Structural; Transcription Factors; Conserved Sequence; Molecular Sequence Data; Amino Acid Sequence; Base Sequence; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Rats--genetics; Mice--genetics
Downloads: 36
[texts]Gene therapy approaches for solid tumors : ovarian carcinoma and bioreductive chemotherapy - Warrington, Kenneth H.
Keywords: Research; Gene Therapy; Ovarian Neoplasms--therapy; Ovarian Neoplasms--drug therapy; Carcinoma--therapy; Carcinoma--drug therapy; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Prodrugs; DNA, Recombinant; Plasmids; Adenoviridae; Dependovirus
Downloads: 47
[texts]Neuronal susceptibility in rat models of developmental ethanol exposure : descriptions of cellular and molecular alterations - Moore, David Blaine
Keywords: Research; Ethanol--toxicity; Cerebellum--drug effects; Choline Acetyltransferase--drug effects; Parvalbumins--drug effects; Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Genes, bcl-; Rats
Downloads: 80
[texts]Rippling Instability of a Collapsing Bubble - daSilveira, Rava
The rippling instability of a liquid sheet was first observed by Debregeas, de Gennes, an Brochard-Wyart [Science 279, 1704 (1998)] on a hemispherical bubble resting on a free surface. Unlike a soap bubble, it collapses under its own weight while bursting, and folds into a wavy structure which breaks the original axisymmetry. In fact, this effect occurs for both purely elastic and purely viscous (liquid) sheets, and an analogy can be made between the two mechanisms...
Downloads: 64
[texts]Investigation of Thermospheric and Ionospheric Changes during Ionospheric Storms with Satellite and Ground-Based Data and Modeling - Richards, Philip G
The purpose of this proposed research is to improve our basic understanding of the causes of ionospheric storm behavior in the midlatitude F region ionosphere. This objective will be achieved by detailed comparisons between ground based measurements of the peak electron density (N(sub m)F(sub 2)), Atmosphere Explorer satellite measurements of ion and neutral composition, and output from the Field Line Interhemispheric Plasma (FLIP) model...
Downloads: 104
[texts]Vaccinia virus transcript release requires the vaccinia virus protein A18 and a host cell factor - Lackner, Cari Aspacher,
Keywords: Research; Vaccinia virus--genetics; Vaccinia virus--physiology; Viral Proteins; Transcription, Genetic; Gene Expression Regulation
Downloads: 71
[texts]A machine learning approach for gene expression analysis and applications - Le, Thanh Ngoc
High-throughput microarray technology is an important and revolutionary technique used in genomics and systems biology to analyze the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. The popular use of this technique has resulted in enormous repositories of microarray data, for example, the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). However, an effective approach to optimally exploit these datasets in support of specific biological stud...
Keywords: gene-drug association; gene expression; meta-analysis; motif finding; cluster analysis
Downloads: 206
[texts]Comparison of Biological Significance of Biclusters of SIMBIC and SIMBIC+ Biclustering Models
Query driven Biclustering Model refers to the problem of extracting biclusters based on a query gene or query condition. The extracted biclusters consist of a set of genes and a subset of conditions that are similar to the query gene or query condition and it includes the query input also. Two approaches applied for biclustering problems are top-down and bottom-up, based on how they tackle the problems...
Keywords: Data Mining; Gene Expression Data; Biclustering; Average Correlation Value; Biological Significance; Gene Ontology
Downloads: 99
[texts]Development and Evaluation of Stitched Sandwich Panels - Stanley, Larry E.
This study explored the feasibility and potential benefits provided by the addition of through-the-thickness reinforcement to sandwich structures. Through-the-thickness stitching is proposed to increase the interlaminar strength and damage tolerance of composite sandwich structures. A low-cost, out-of-autoclave processing method was developed to produce composite sandwich panels with carbon fiber face sheets, a closed-cell foam core, and through-the-thickness Kevlar stitching...
Downloads: 236
[texts]3D Visual Integration of Spatio-Temporal Gene Expression Patterns on Digital Atlas of Zebrafish Embryo using Web Service
Gene expression patterns analysis with microarray provides quantitative information that shows how a gene is expressed under a particular condition. Whole mount in situ hybridization, on the other hand, can be used to capture the  spatio-temporal characteristics of the gene expression pattern. Therefore, visual integration of gene expression data from both techniques with a digital atlas data of a model-organism can help identifying not only spatial and temporal but also quantitative aspects of...
Keywords: Visualization; Web services; Zebrafish Atlas; 3D reconstruction; Gene expression patterns
Downloads: 47
[texts]The Program Modeling and Simulation of Cellular Function Expression
Based on the gene expression process through two stages:transcripts and translation, and such a fact that embryonic stem cell must be division and differentiation, this paper used the reflection-based object-oriented programming skills to simulate the gene expression, cell division and differentiation process. Then through the logic analysis the following hypothesis was proposed: the DNA molecular chain is a program coding sequence, similar to the modern computer program coding sequence that con...
Keywords: Programming Hypothesis on Life Phenomena; Reflection Technology; Gene Expression; Expression of Cell Function; Programming Simulates
Downloads: 18
[texts]Regulation of manganese superoxide dismutase and inducible nitric oxide synthase gene expression - Chesrown, Sarah Elizabeth
Keywords: Research; Superoxide Dismutase--genetics; Superoxide Dismutase--metabolism; Nitric-Oxide Synthase--genetics; Nitric-Oxide Synthase--metabolism; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Enhancer Elements (Genetics; Rats; Molecular Sequence Data; Base Sequence
Downloads: 148
[texts]Role of prostaglandin synthase II (PGS-2) in the immunopathogenesis of NOD diabetes - Xie, Xianqing Tony
Keywords: Research; Prostaglandins--pharmacology; Prostaglandin Endoperoxide Synthase--pharmacology; Mice, Inbred NOD; Mice, SCID; Diabetes Mellitus, Type I--immunology; Diabetes Mellitus, Type I--pathology; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Macrophages; Sex Characteristics; Dinoprostone--biosynthesis
Downloads: 148
[texts]Differential expression of bcl-2 by hematological tumors : anti-apoptosis function and chemotherapy resistance - Guedez, Liliana
Keywords: Research; Genes, bcl-; Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-; Drug Resistance, Neoplasm--physiology; Hematologic Neoplasms--physiopathology; Cytarabine--pharmacology; Cytarabine--drug effects; Bleomycin--pharmacology; Bleomycin--drug effects; Apoptosis--physiology; Gene Expression Regulation; Gene Expression
Downloads: 92
[texts]Xenobiotic effects on gene expression in endometrial cells and placental tissue - Charles, Grantley Dexter
Keywords: Research; Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin--pharmacology; Benzo(a)pyrene--pharmacology; Gene Expression--drug effects; Gene Expression Regulation--drug effects; Growth Substances--drug effects; Cytokines--drug effects; Endometrium; Placenta; Adenocarcinoma; Cell Line, Transformed; Prolactin--metabolism; Rats
Downloads: 161
[texts]Changes in extracellular matrix gene and protein expression in developing mouse submandibular glands - Macauley, Shawn P.
Keywords: Research; Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental; Gene Expression; Extracellular Matrix Proteins--genetics; Extracellular Matrix Proteins--physiology; Submandibular Gland--embryology; Submandibular Gland--chemistry; Mice, Inbred BALB C; Base Sequence; Amino Acid Sequence; Molecular Sequence Data
Downloads: 64
[texts]Regulation of rat manganese superoxide dismutase gene : detection and characterization of trans-acting factors - Kuo, Shiuhyang
Keywords: Research; Superoxide Dismutase--genetics; Superoxide Dismutase--metabolism; Genes, Structural; Trans-Activators; Binding Sites; Enzyme Induction; Gene Expression Regulation; Rats
Downloads: 32
[texts]High-Speed Research Surveillance Symbology Assessment Experiment - Kramer, Lynda J.
Ten pilots flew multiple approach and departure scenarios in a simulation experiment of the High-Speed Civil Transport to evaluate the utility of different airborne surveillance display concepts. The primary eXternal Visibility System (XVS) display and the Navigation Display (ND) were used to present tactical and strategic surveillance information, respectively, to the pilot. Three sensors, the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System, radar, and the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcas...
Downloads: 74
[texts]Elucidation and characterization of a potential cis-acting regulatory element in a murine Mhc class II gene - McIndoe, Richard Alan
Keywords: Research; Genes, MHC Class II; Alleles; Gene Expression Regulation; Muridae; Chromatin--ultrastructure; Enhancer Elements (Genetics; Molecular Sequence Data; Base Sequence
Downloads: 84
[texts]Adenovirus induced adeno-associated virus gene expression is not dependent on AAV non-structural rep protein - Lackner, Daniel Francis
Keywords: Dependovirus--genetics; Repressor Proteins--genetics; Adenoviridae--genetics; Promoter Regions (Genetics); Trans-Activation (Genetics); Transcription Factors--genetics; Gene Expression Regulation
Downloads: 41
[texts]Identification of amino acid-starvation induced mRNAs in Fao rat hepatoma cells - Shay, Neil Frank
Keywords: Research; Liver Neoplasms, Experimental; RNA, Messenger; Amino Acids; DNA, Complementary; Gene Expression Regulation; Molecular Sequence Data; Base Sequence; Rats
Downloads: 211
[texts]Activated transcription of the glycolytic enzyme genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae : the chromatin structures of TP11 and mechanisms of RAP1P mediated activation - Smerage, Jeffrey Beaumont
Keywords: Research; Chromatin--ultrastructure; Saccharomyces cerevisiae--genetics; Saccharomyces cerevisiae--physiology; Trans-Activation (Genetics; Gene Expression Regulation; Promoter Regions (Genetics; Transcription Factors
Downloads: 142
[texts]Identification and characterization of monocyte prostaglandin synthase 2 activity as a risk factor for and a component of human autoimmune disease - Litherland, Sally Ann
Keywords: Monocytes; Prostaglandin Endoperoxide Synthase; Risk Factors; Dinoprostone; Autoimmune Diseases--etiology; Diabetes Mellitus--etiology; Diabetes Mellitus, Type I--etiology; Gene Expression Regulation; Signal Transduction; Research
Downloads: 112
[texts]Analysis of transcriptional regulation of X-linked genes on the active and inactive X chromosomes - Litt, Michael Duane
Keywords: X Chromosome; Dosage Compensation (Genetics; Genes, Regulator; Transcription, Genetic; Gene Expression Regulation; Hypoxanthine Phosphoribosyltransferase; DNA Footprinting; Transcription Factors; Methylation; Mice; Genome, Human; Molecular Sequence Data; Base Sequence; Research
Downloads: 91
[texts]Molecular characterization of swinepox virus - Massung, Robert F.
Keywords: Research; Suipoxvirus--ultrastructure; Suipoxvirus--genetics; Poxviridae--genetics; Gene Expression Regulation; Poxviridae Infections--pathology; Amino Acid Sequence; Base Sequence; Molecular Sequence Data; Genome, Viral
Downloads: 102
[texts]Developmental regulation of placental and fetal amino acid transport : the effects of low-protein diet-induced intrauterine growth retardation - Malandro, Marc Shane
Keywords: Research; Diet, Protein-Restricted; Fetal Growth Retardation; Maternal-Fetal Exchange--physiology; Biological Transport, Active--physiology; Amino Acids--metabolism; Leucine--metabolism; Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental; Rats
Downloads: 127
[texts]Regulation of expression of the glucose transporter GLUT1 by glucose in 3T3-L1 adipocytes - McMahon, Robert Joseph
Keywords: Research; Monosaccharide Transport Proteins--genetics; Monosaccharide Transport Proteins--isolation & purification; Monosaccharide Transport Proteins--metabolism; Glucose--physiology; Gene Expression Regulation; Glycosylation; Adipocytes--physiology; Cricetulus
Downloads: 213
[texts]Characterization of four alternatively spliced casein kinase 1 alpha isoforms - Fu, Zheng
Keywords: Research; Caseins; Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases--isolation & purification; Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases--genetics; Protein Isoforms; Alternative Splicing; Gene Expression Regulation; Neurofilament Proteins; Chickens
Downloads: 75
[texts]Isolation and characterization of a variant human H2B histone gene expressing alternative mRNAs regulated differentially during the cell cycle and differentiation - Collart, David George
Keywords: Research; Gene Expression Regulation; Histones--genetics; RNA, Messenger--genetics; S Phase; Polymorphism (Genetics; RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional; Chromosomes, Human, Pair; Molecular Sequence Data; Amino Acid Sequence; Base Sequence
Downloads: 143
[texts]Characterization of an inducible enhancer element and the signaling pathways involved in manganese superoxide dismutase gene regulation - Rogers, Richard James,
Keywords: Research; Gene Expression Regulation; Superoxide Dismutase; Enhancer Elements (Genetics; Enzyme Induction; Reactive Oxygen Species; Interleukin-1--metabolism; Tumor Necrosis Factor--metabolism; Lipopolysaccharides--metabolism
Downloads: 119
[texts]Transcriptional regulation of the human hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase gene by X chromosome inactivation - Hornstra, Ian Kerst
Keywords: Research; Hypoxanthine Phosphoribosyltransferase--genetics; Dosage Compensation (Genetics)--genetics; Dosage Compensation (Genetics)--physiology; X Chromosome--physiology; Gene Expression Regulation--genetics; Gene Expression Regulation--physiology; Transcription, Genetic--genetics; Transcription, Genetic--physiology; Fragile X Syndrome--genetics; Fragile X Syndrome--etiology; DNA-Binding Proteins--physiology; Transcription Factors--physiology; Methylation--physiology; Base Sequence; Molecular Sequence Data
Downloads: 74
[texts]Anti-exocrine autoimmunity in the NOD mouse model of Sjogren's Syndrome - Robinson, Christopher Paul
Keywords: Research; Sjogren's Syndrome--etiology; Sjogren's Syndrome--physiopathology; Autoimmunity; Exocrine Glands--physiopathology; Exocrine Glands--chemistry; Mice, Inbred, NOD; Mice, SCID; Models, Immunological; Cytokines; Gene Expression; Salivary Proteins; Salivary Glands; Lacrimal Apparatus
Downloads: 91
[texts]Regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase in murine proximal tubule epithelial cells - Amoah-Apraku, Bismarck
Keywords: Research; Nitric-Oxide Synthase--genetics; Nitric-Oxide Synthase--drug effects; Nitric-Oxide Synthase--metabolism; Gene Expression Regulation; Interferon Type II--pharmacology; Lipopolysaccharides--pharmacology; Hypoxanthines--pharmacology; Pteridines--pharmacology; Pyrrolidines--pharmacology; Thiocarbamates--pharmacology; Kidney Tubules, Proximal; Epithelial Cells
Downloads: 151
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